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To all BlogShop owners, the following people are worth blacklisting. Kindly email us at , if you think that WhassupToys is wrong to blacklist these people.


Goes by the Name : Caralene Ho
E-mail :
(She is also blacklisted in many other shops, you may google the email address to find the shops that she’s blacklisted)

Reason :

  • Kept changing orders.
  • Kept delaying payment (promised to pay on the 8 Aug 09, but only paid on 14 Aug 09).
  • In the T&C, payment not made within 48 hours after invoice sent, item(s) will re-open for sale.
  • I’ve e-mailed her plenty of times saying that one of her items will be sold to another buyer as she did not give me any updates. And I’ll can only sell her one of the items as I did not have buyer then. But still no reply from her.
  • On 14 Aug 09, she didn’t check her email before transferring the money. So I had to refund her for the other item.
  • She refuse to give me an account number to transfer, claiming that she was using her friend’s account.
  • She opt for registered mail for me to mail her item and refund money.
  • I sent the item & money by registered mail on 15 Aug 09 and gave her the tracking No..
  • On 21 Aug 09, the registered mail was returned to me and she gave me a new address to send to.
  • She then opt for normal mail and gave me this address : 108 Jalan Gembira, Macpherson Gardens Estate, Singapore 369187.
  • I sent it out right away, with a return address at the back of the envelope.
  • On the 23 Aug 09, she claimed that the change of address was because her mother doesn’t allow her to blogshop and she asked me to send to “10 Jalan Gembira, Macpherson Gardens Estate, Singapore 369187. Attn: Loewe.”
  • On 21 Aug 09, she wrote “108 Jalan Gembira” then on the 23 Aug she wrote “10 Jalan Gembira”.
  • WhassupToys is not responsible for it anymore as it is also stated in the T&C that buyer is responsible to double check and give us right mailing address. Plus, a return address was written, it will be returned if it’s wrong.
  • Total disregard of people’s time spent pestering her and wasting mailing materials and stamps.


Goes by the Name : Niki Lim

E-mail :

Reasons :

  • Order sent on 12 Aug 09.
  • She opt to meet up at her convenience.
  • As stated in the T&C, a fee of $5 for meet-ups at buyer’s convenience but we were being nice to her and only charged her $1 as she’s still schooling (RGPS).
  • First meet  up plan, Tuesday 18 Aug 09 at 5.30pm, Coronation Plaza. But later on messaged me that she can’t make it.
  • Second meet up plan, Thursday 20 Aug 09 at 2.45pm, at RGPS. She specifically said that we have to be on time.
  • But, again, messaged me that she can’t make it on 20 Aug. She forgotten that she had PSLE Oral to go for. (Shows how PSLE is so unimportant to her that she didn’t even remember it in the first place.)
  • Third meet up plan, Thursday 27 Aug 09 2.30pm, at RGPS.
  • I sent her a messaged before proceeding to RGPS to remind her. Her first reply was “Who is this?”. Shouldn’t you know that you have to collect your order later that day?
  • She said, she can’t make it as she doesn’t know if she has remedial lessons or not. Later, she claimed that her grandfather passed away. I did not make any comment on that just in case it was true.
  • I told her that I have to blacklist her as we have given her so many options. I even told her that she can deposit cash into the Cash Deposit Machine at Coronation Plaza then I can just mail her items to her. She refused to do so.
  • I told her the next meet up plan can only be next Monday, 31 Aug 09. But she still have the guts to request for the next next Monday instead.
  • I decided that it is not worth it to cancel my appointments so many times just for it even if she wants to pay extra. I’ve also told her to be more responsible.



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