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Hello darlings, below are feedbacks from WhassupToys customers (whether not they bought/swapped anything).

For more feedbacks at Her Preloved Items, click here.


14 Responses to "Feedbacks"

The best seller I ever met online… A reasonable seller. The service I get from her is great, fast replies and all the information is stated out in the mail! More stitch items!!! Haha!

Thanks Sandy! It was a great pleasure conversing with you. Look forward to seeing you back here again ❤

You’re a good and friendly seller, answering to all my questions. Replies are made quickly too, and items are wrapped safely (:
Thanks a lot for your good service,
Hope to deal with you again in the future (:

Hey there =) Thank you for supporting WhassupToys and the feedback ♥♥

A very friendly and polite seller. Thanks for the smooth transaction earlier on. Hope to deal again!

Lastly, definitely recommend for all to shop here! =)

Hi dear, thanks for the feedback! ♥♥

Hi 🙂
I love your service, fast replies from you as well as your way of replying emails, polite and sweet 🙂
Shall purchase from you again, but hopefully you could lower down your prices for various items 🙂

Hey dear =) Thanks for the feedback! All our prices on the site are actually already inclusive of postage. Do let me know which prices are too high =)

hello! 🙂 i’ve loved your service. You’re really friendly and you’re willing to wait for people to wait. So yeah, thanks for everything 😀

Thanks Diana! ♥♥ Cute avatar =)

nice seller, fast response to enquiries and the site is relatively easy to navigate. keep up the good work! 🙂

Thanks dear ♥♥♥

would appreciate if your items are cheaper / if u accept swops. 🙂

Hi Ken! Thank you for your feedback =)
Our prices are all inclusive of postage and right now we have a Looking For page for stuff that we’re looking for. Maybe next time you might have something that we’re looking for =) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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